Space Combat Lander 3D

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Combining modern game engines with classic arcade formulas, I’d like to present Space Combat Lander (Formerly Shooter, Lander!). This game is a challenging test of skill and timing that requires a little patience and a good bit of focus, but the payoff is watching your enemies fall from the sky like flaming meteors!

THANK YOU for reading! More details below:


If you have issues running this game on your device, please let me know! I want to support as many people as possible, but I’m just one guy!


Features so far:

1. Basics: Control surfaces, main menus, scorekeeping, save your current score and preferences.

2. Vector-based flight. Tilt your craft and blast your main engine to maneuver your gunsights onto the incoming enemies!

3. Easy and Hard Difficulty: Keep the craft more stable while you get used to the flight dynamics, then turn off the limits for a real challenge.


4. In-game tutorial mission.

5. Defense missions: Timed, kill count and bomber defense!


And features in design / on the radar:

6. Different player craft choices, upgrade system. 

7. Google Play game services… So you can compete with your friends!

8. Multiplayer!?!?

8. Controller + VR support.


Thanks for visiting. I truly hope you enjoy this game as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it so far.

Get it on Google Play