Cheap Newbie Tool: Easy Skybox

(Copied from My Google+ Post)

I like cheap, and I love easy, especially while I’m prototyping and doing trial-and-error work. I don’t have tons of time to throw at a problem I don’t fully understand, and I don’t have a dime for anything I don’t know I can use! That’s why I love finding tools like this one…

Check out this “Convert Panorama” tool that I found! I used it to quickly and easily create a skybox for Unity out of a “Space” texture I’d made using FilterForge. The skybox will be included in the next published update of my Space Combat Lander game.

It doesn’t have as many features as I’d like… in fact, it only has one feature. One’s enough though, when you’re testing out new stuff. Thanks to the developer for creating this nice, quick little tool for prototyping and indie design.

Oh, one more thing… someone very familiar with unity would probably know why this is, but for whatever reason I had to “flip” left and right on the skybox to make it line up right… If it seems like your skybox is all edgy and not smooth, try flipping the left and right images?